Cory Machado Has Impressive Pro Wrestling Debut with NPWL

It is apparent that Portugal’s athletics among entertainment is on the rise, after their amazing Euro Cup 2016 win, now with top social influencers and entertainer Cory Machado representing Portugal in the entertainment field which was announced recently. Cory shows great promise due to his work ethic, already trended multiple times on Twitter in U.S., Canada, UK & Portugal, the experts have dubbed the Machado as the “ones to watch” in the wrestling & entertainment scene.

Cory Machado, the star of NPWL Wrestling is not a new name in the world of professional wrestling; his millions of fans from around the world celebrated the announcement and celebrated the news with the star on NPWL’s roster, Cory Machado Twitter pages.

Upon receiving the news, Machado said in a statement: “We only get one shot at this life thing. One at bat. When you’re 90 years old. Don’t have I wish. Because regret is the worst. Everything on my goals list I am going to do. So hate or support, I love you all regardless. God Bless! No matter what you do, somebody will always have something to say. Life as it is; is already challenging be positive make a difference. When it’s all said and done. You will not wish you made more money. You will wish you followed your true passion and dreams in life.”

Cory Machado started his professional wrestling career at a very young age; he has developed into a strong talent perfectly suited to hold the position of NPWL’s star athlete. When Cory is not entertaining the fans or training intensely for his next match, he is well known for helping others and giving back to the community. He ran many campaigns after the sudden tragedy of local teen Ashley Carlson. He made it his goal to run campaigns and get that road fixed that has taken so many lives. Llano Road. Now the city is working on fixing it after couple years of campaigns… Along with having his NFL buddies reach out to the family. Along with Panthers Player Shaq Thompson & UFC Fighter Artem Lobov reaching out to Ashley Donohoe’s family after her tragic passing in the Berkeley collapse. Machado has a huge heart loves giving back and helping those he can. Cory is also a brand ambassador for a variety of different global prestige brands.

The NPWL  management believes that Cory brings a contagious and electrifying energy to the team which is crucial for beginning stage of the organization.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/468092911/original/IMG_20170710_195411_744.jpg,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/468092946/original/IMG_20170704_200249_407.jpg,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/468092970/original/IMG_20170624_233817_787.jpg

Cory said: “In my mind, I am always the best. When I step into the ring I know I am the best in the world.”


NPWL is an entertainment property owned by a media company based on professional wrestling, founded in the year 2008. The organization’s top talent is Cory Machado, Super Mex Hernandez, Dymond Kouture, Titan, Taeler Hendrix, Ultimo Panda etc.

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