Advantages of Airwheel Z8 MINI Foldable Electric Scooter When Compared With Other Travel Transports

Airwheel has achieved great success in intelligent and portable travel transport sector. Its recently-released Z8 standing up electric scooter has attracted a lot of consumers who are from elder people to pupils. Compared with other portable transports, it owns many advantages, such as richer colors, better looks, wider applications or much more comfortable riding experience.

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Portable travel transport is quite popular nowadays. As the state of air pollution caused by gasoline-powered cars and traffic jam is declining with each passing day, more and more people support green and portable travel mode. Therefore, various portable transports come into being. Among them, Airwheel Z8 standing up electric scooter has attracted a lot of consumers. Compared with traditional portable transports, Z8 owns many advantages and the following will illustrate them one after another.

Airwheel Z8 small wheel Lightweight Electric Scooter

First of all, Airwheel Z8 2-wheeled electric scooter enjoys great advantage in terms of appearance. In order to satisfy different color demands of consumers, Airwheel selects four colors for Z8, which are pure white, classic black, lively orange and bright green. After all, people from different age and gender may love different colors.

In the meantime, the external look of Z8 is very concise, but never simple. It is made up of magnesium frame, operating rod, pedal and a pair of 3.2-inch wheels. The frame is light but tough, which paves the way for 6.5kg weight and 75kg load capacity. The operating rod is adjustable and thus is suitable for people of different heights. Wear-resisting tires, combined with unique tread pattern design, enable it to adapt more road conditions and lengthen its working life. And dual shock mitigation system also guarantees comfortable and stable riding experience.

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Based on imported branded lithium-ion battery, Airwheel Z8 small wheel Lightweight Electric Scooter has sufficient power supply. In addition, the riding safety of Z8 is much higher than others. The APP intelligent system comes very first. Its fault self-diagnosis guarantees rider’s safety before traveling. The battery owns 6-fold defense comprehensive protection so as to ensure safe riding. In trail, there is an imported 3M reflect light, which is designed for night riding and makes riding safer, greener and more energy-saving. Above all, people may prefer to select Z8.

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