High School Athlete Recruitment made easy by eRecruited

eRecruited.com assures an easier recruitment experience for high school athletes looking to get to the next level with its cutting edge technology that will get the athlete’s recruitment profile before colleges in just a click. The site also offers expert insights on improving chances of recruitment.

Anaheim, CA, October 30, 2017 : No more wasting money on seeking recruitment in college sports teams. Good news on the way for high school athletes aspiring to get recruited by colleges but worried about the pricey recruitment procedure. Veteran athlete Martin Esqueda has recently launched a promising high school recruitment site that helps high school students to get recruited for less than $20 per month. Titled as eRecruited.com, the platform is powered by a state of the art technology which extends the needed exposure for athletes’ recruitment profiles before college coaches in just a click.

eRecruited.com is soon to launch its High School Recruitment Membership for aspiring athletes in November.


“Being an athlete myself, I know how costly the college recruitment of high school athletes could be. My parents were not that sound financially and I had to face a lot of difficulties during my college recruitment period as a high school athlete. Moreover, the process is overtly complicated that make things harder for many promising athletes. But college recruitment should not have to be that complicated or pricey. There is no need for your parents to spend thousands of dollars in fees a year to get you recruited in college. My traumatic experiences with the college recruitment process inspired me to create my own site that would make high school athlete recruitment easier, affordable and simple- and thus eRecruited.com was born”, stated Martin Esqueda while talking about his innovative site.

eRecruited.com assures easy college recruitment of high school athletes in just a few steps-


  • The athlete or member will build his/her recruitment profile
  • Select the preferred schools 
  • Send recruitment profile to targeted coaches
  • Get an easy to follow recruitment timeline to eliminate guesswork and stay right on track
  • Track & measure the results to find out the strongpoints and locate and correct the limitations.


The site does not bind the members into any sort of contract and they can leave the membership whenever they wish to.




“Your membership with eRecruited.com will heighten your chances of recruitment by your preferred schools and coaches big time. When you have your recruitment profile on our site, it will simply take one single push of a button to send your page to your dream schools. We will power you with insiders’ recruitment tips to render a competitive edge to your profile. And you are sure to love our cutting edge tracking process that will keep you updated on your profile’s performance so that you can take corrective steps on time.” 


Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/VSRa6UCN0us


eRecruited.com also extends 1-1 personal Coaching service for high school athletes aspiring to stand out before recruiting college coaches. The service includes personal coaching by senior recruitment experts, professional guidance on specific action plans, comprehensive diagnostic questionnaire, talent assessment and grit testing. 

For more information on membership with eRecruited.com, please visit https://www.erecruited.com


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