Perspective Clothing launches clothing inspired by the passion for photography, skateboarding and more

Perspective Clothing is a unique line of clothing created by Yohann, to display his love for photography, skateboarding, hip-hop and other life experiences. After working for years with several skates and streetwear brands, he has finally launched his own clothing collection inspired by his passions in life. Designed and developed in Los Angeles, the clothing line reflects Yohann’s creative perspective in everything, from the design of clothing to website and everything else.

Perspective Clothing is for anyone passionate for a hobby and who wishes to express it subtly through their clothes. The high quality and unique clothing are designed to allow the wearer freely express their personal perspectives, choices, and style. By pushing the boundaries of the creative envelope, the brand strives to leave a lasting, though provoking impact on its customers.

On asking why Yohann chose “Perspective” as his brand name he says, “Perspective is the way in which the objects appear to the eye. In a similar manner, the clothing offered by our brand leave an impression and allows the viewer or the customer to interpret the meaning behind a design. Our brand is all about offering high quality, comfortable clothing with cool digital prints that make a style statement”.

The customers can find men’s, women’s and unisex clothing at the online store. Apart from that, they can also look for a wide range of accessories such as headwear, bags, iPhone cases and even products like skateboards. The “Bang Bang” unisex T-shirt is a popular item from the store that is made using 100% combed cotton with a slim fit design. The customers can check out some of the capsule collections such as the « Lost.Found » collection that features short sleeve T-shirts. Long sleeve T-shirts and Hoodies in various colors. The « NSFW » collection also features T-shirts, bags, and caps. Under the women’s section, the customers can also find short sleeve T-shirts as well as crop tops.

Yohann’s journey started in the 90’s skate scene. Soon he became passionate about skating and dedicated almost all of his time to it. He completely immersed himself in his hobby and started exploring every aspect of it before turning into the artist he is today. He started filming his lifestyle and developed a deep love for photography and then, both skateboarding and photography became an inseparable part of his life. He decided to create a line of clothing that depicted this culture and lifestyle well which ultimately laid the foundation for Perspective Clothing.

His collection can be seen at

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