DryShield to Provide Highly Effective Solutions for Concrete Cracks

DryShield has decided to provide Ontario homeowners and property owners with highly effective and affordable crack repair services and solutions.

Ontario, Canada – 2 Jan, 2018 – Nowadays, concrete is widely used in the construction of building foundation, basement, roof, pillars, parking space, swimming pool, etc. Whether it is a basement, ceiling, parking space, or any structure, formation of cracks in concrete structures causes a lot of damage to the whole property.

Formation of crevices in structures takes place because of natural phenomena like earthquake, soil expansion and contraction, hydrostatic pressure of saturated soil, settling or shifting of foundation, thermal and moisture movement.

Crevices in concrete floor cause radon gas infiltration as well as water and moisture seepage. Seepage of moisture fosters the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew, fungus, mosquitoes and insects. While, seepage of acidic water through crevices causes damage to the goods stored in the basement and makes clothes smell musty.

On the other hand, cracks in walls not only reduce the aesthetic appeal of a room, but also pose a threat to the structural reliability and integrity of the whole property. If not repaired on time, small crevices turn into large cracks, causing water logging problem as well as widespread damage and destruction to the whole property.

Also, the widespread damage caused by the cracks prevents tenants and potential buyers from buying the property.  Due to this, property owners are unable to sell or put their properties on rent. Under such situations, property owners are left with just two options – wait for the property to ultimately fall down or take required action against the actual cause of the problem, i.e., carry out concrete crack repair.

The most convenient way to repair wall and floor cracks is to fill them with liquid polymer resins of epoxy and polyurethane. However, the repair work requires skills, experience, expertise, knowledge, materials and specific tools that are well operated by professional concrete crack injection repair companies, such as DryShield.

The technicians of DryShield use the top quality materials and tools to fill cracks in concrete walls and floor. They specialize in removing mould from walls, draining excess standing water out of backyard and carrying out repair and rectification of concrete. Recently, the company has decided to provide homeowners and property owners with highly effective, result-oriented and reasonable crack repair services and solutions.

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DryShield is an Ontario based waterproofing company that has been in the business for almost 25 years. The company is well-known for completing the waterproofing and home repair projects on time.

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