A USB Timer that Automatically Cuts Off Power when Charging is Complete to Protect Smart Phone from Overheating, and to Prolong Battery Life.

Taipei, Taiwan – Joybien Technologies has launched an Indiegogo campaign for GardCharge, a smart USB timer charger protector with benefits of providing power charging safety protection along with extending battery life for smart phone.

By placing GardCharge in between Power Adapter and USB Cable that leads to a Smart Phone, GardCharge will take in effect immediately for the battery power charging safety protection based on its built-in intelligent voltage and current real-time power analyzing algorithms along with an internal electronic countdown timer, that will cut off the power when the charging process is complete. And at this stage, the physical power is fully isolated from the Smart Phone; thus, the Smart Phone’s battery will be kept cool and without the trickle charge current, which will extend the battery life.  Moreover, GardCharge has an Over Current Protection feature for protecting the Smart Phone away from sudden in-rush of high electric current due to misbehavior of the power charging system involved.

GardCharge can do more with optional complementary App running on Smart Phone.  With the App, GardCharge provides Power Measurement information such as the on-going real-time voltage, current, and power in Meter Mode or Graph Mode; this information is valuable to understand the overall battery charging system’s health characteristics.  Also, the App brings additional benefit for working as a Smart Remote Controller for USB FAN, USB LED Light, etc., when GardCharge is not utilized for Smart Phone charging.

Launching GardCharge campaign on Indiegogo will help for the support of product production, will allow more product exposure, and will share more ideas with Indiegogo community to take further advantages of GardCharge’s capabilities. 

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GardCharge campaign was initiated within Joybien Technologies Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. And Joybien was founded in 2006 to provide customers with a wide range of IoT wireless electronic hardware and software design & manufacturing support services.

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