Finally a New App that “Matches” Buy and Sell between students on-spot and in real-time

Match4Students is the first ever app for the students which is uniquely designed to work as a virtual pin-board for users that will travel with them and automatically search, scan and match what students have to offer on spot and in real time.

Stockholm, Sweden – January 8, 2018 – No more wasting time on posting requirements or advertisements on college notice boards which take days to find a matching seller or buyer. A new app has finally arrived that, for the FIRST time, will actually “match” buy and sell between students and that too on-spot & in real-time. Aptly titled as “Match4Students”, it’s a self-running app especially for the students and by the students. 

The app can be downloaded for free by both Apple and Android users. 

Match4Students is world’s first self-running tool app that automatically searches, scans and matches what students have to offer where they are and on the spot – like college campus. It’s also the first app that’s especially targeted to students. 

“Match4Students is not your regular buying & selling app. The regular selling & buying applications don’t follow a specific target audience and hence are not exactly helpful for students. But our app has been thoughtfully designed with the students in mind to look after their specific needs. It’s ‘the’ tool that all students have been waiting for”, stated a leading spokesperson from M4S team.

What makes other regular buying and selling apps not so helpful for students is that they tend to match everything, irrespective of relevance and distance. But M4S stands out with its state of the art targeted focus and matches, based on the typical location & needs of the student users.

“Unlike regular buying & selling apps that bombard you with nonsense irrelevant matches and makes searching for items worthless and daunting- our M4S is just the opposite. It will act like your own virtual pin-board which will travel with you and scan all the areas for your specific matches based on your typical requirements. Once it finds the most relevant match, it will notify you in real-time so that you can carry the transaction on spot. For example, say you are a M4S user looking for a particular study book. The app will scan all areas wherever you will go for students (other M4S users) who are looking to sell the same book. The moment it will find the most suitable match, you will be notified about the seller student. This way, you can immediately contact the seller student and finalize the deal on spot.” 

M4S allows its users to buy and sell used stuff to save money and earn extra pocket money respectively. The app users can also put up their homes or other stuff for rent.  

Match4Students works in 4 simple steps – 

  • Choose what wish to sell or buy
  • Select category – books, electronics, bikes and many more and even home
  • Fill in the description and provide image if you are a seller
  • Press on “MATCH NOW”

Immediately, the app will scan the perimeter for the perfect match as per your requirement or advertisement and instantly connect you to sellers and buyers in close proximity. All the sellers’ profiles on the app come with reviews and ratings left by previous buyers to help new buyers with an informed decision. The user profiles on the all also house email id and phone numbers of the users to facilitate easy communication between prospective buyers and sellers.

M4S has already garnered rave reviews from its student users – 

“It’s one of the tidiest, feature-rich and amazing tools for students to sell stuff at the campus! M4S has a UNIQUE matching system to find and match everything you need with other students in a glance.”

“I found my study books that I long searched for with M4S. I was in the corridors of the university when M4S matched me with another student!” 

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