VOLT Power Tabs introduces Instant mobile power on the go – just when you need it

VOLT Power Tabs has launched instant one-time-use mobile chargers that are pre-loaded with power to supply immediate power to mobile phones in times of battery emergencies.

Los Angeles, CA – December 8, 2018 – Nothing is more frustrating than “no battery” sign on your mobile when you are struggling to contact your cab driver after a late night shift. Powerbanks are there but those have to be refilled beforehand while chargers always need a plug-point. What if there was an instant mobile power solution that neither needed refill nor a plug-point? Sounds utopian, right? Well, not anymore! A LA-based startup, namely VOLT Power Tabs, has launched a revolutionary Instant mobile power charger that can supply power to mobile phones immediately, whenever there is a battery crunch. It’s a wireless solution and does not need a plug-point and can function anytime & anywhere during power emergencies. 

VOLT Power Tabs chargers come pre-loaded with power which enable them to supply immediate power to mobile phones in times of battery emergencies. Unlike powerbanks, the user does not need to refill them beforehand or carry around cables. These are instant one-time-use mobile chargers which are easily compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

“We are excited to introduce our ground-breaking instant mobile charger to the world. Mobile is an indispensable part of our life in this contemporary digital age. From easy communication with anybody anywhere in the world to checking latest social media updates to those unforgettable selfies- we need our mobile devices with full energy all the time. Life comes to a standstill when there is a severe battery crunch just when we need to take that last selfie or make an urgent phone call. And this is where our VOLT Power Tabs chargers will come to your rescue”, stated Christopher Terterian, the co-founder of next-generation mobile charging solution. 

Each VOLT charger is able to generate up to 4 hours of extra usage capacity and the device carries 5 years of shelf life. 

“It’s a breeze to use our VOLT chargers to power up mobile phones. The user will simply need to pull the insulator and plug it in his mobile phone to enjoy instant battery flow”, added in Zorig Kejejian, the other co-founder of VOLT.

The outer shell of the charger has been designed from most advanced plastic combination and the battery cell inside is made from li-poly. Both the outer cover and the inside battery cell are completely disposable.  

While asked about the inspiration behind the VOLT Power Tabs chargers, the founders mentioned about their struggles with mobile battery in emergency situations.  

“It was really frustrating to see mobile devices were always running out of power when we needed them the most. I used to be a real estate agent and my device to open locks on doors was always running out of power, along with my mobile phone. Such incidents were embarrassing, disappointing and eventually pushed me and Zorig to think about a solution that can save the day during emergency battery crunch- thus VOLT Power Tabs was born.” 

Users can buy VOLT chargers in a sizable pack of 12 one-time-use disposable chargers. 

For more information, please visit https://www.voltpowertabs.com

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