Powerpoint International Now Offering Test Trials on Their Heat Exchangers

Surrey, UK – Powerpoint International has spent decades providing companies across the world with quality heat exchangers for their commercial and R&D needs. Each product they offer comes with their own set of unique advantage. Powerpoint is confident in their ability to build and supply for customers needs, so much so that they are willing to allow clients the chance to test try the machinery before they buy.

Heating and cooling liquids isn’t as simple as some might think, especially in a commercial setting where the process needs to be streamlined. Heat exchangers allow for simple and near rapid temperature change. They are used across a variety of industries including the production of juices, milk, coffee, tea, soups, and many more. But there are several major types of heat exchangers on the market, and choosing the wrong one could affect the quality of the end-product. That’s why contacting and talking to experts like the ones at Powerpoint is an important step for manufacturers before they purchase any heat exchanger machinery. 

Different types of heat exchangers are better suited for specific product types. For example, a scraped surface heat exchanger is better suited to process products with particulates like meat sauces. It’s very flexible and can handle varying viscosities. While a plate heat exchanger is best for some items, a tube heat exchanger works by running the product through a tube that is surrounded by heated or cooled liquid running through an outside tube. This indirect process has the advantage of being low maintenance and is used with high viscosity products.

Powerpoint International provides a wide variety of heat exchangers, including scraped surface heat exchangers (http://www.pp2k.co.uk/scraped_surface_heat_exchanger.htm) and tube heat exchangers (http://www.pp2k.co.uk/tube_heat_exchangers.htm). In addition to providing heat exchangers, they also install them. This can include full machines or single components.

The most important feature for consumersis that Powerpoint delivers on their service promises to provide top-notch service to companies big and small regardless of the order. The reason so many choose Powerpoint International over other similar companies is that they can test try the machines for their products for free to ensure that the machinery works for them.

Powerpoint International has cornered a niche market in the manufacturing industry. Whether a company is just starting out or is well established, they can turn to Powerpoint for quality service and products that will elevate their manufacturing process.

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