CryptoHawk introduces all-in-one solution for the cryptocurrency world

CryptoHawk has launched its ICO for the world’s first exclusive “All-In-one” solution for cryptocurrencies which has united everything related to cryptocurrency world- trade, exchange, investment and payment- under one single platform.

January 11, 2018 – Switzerland-based CryptoHawk has arrived as the world’s first “All-In-one” solution for cryptocurrencies with every important function of cryptocurrency trade, exchange, investment and payment under one convenient roof. The company is aimed to revolutionize the contemporary financial sector with its advanced technology which is designed to connect everything pertinent to cryptocurrency world that further enables easier exchange of any currency for the offline purchases, introduction of affordable credit cards, cryptocurrency ATMs and altogether a breezy payment gateway for store operators. 

With the bid to ensure optimum security, CryptoHawk has been developed a powerful hybrid infrastructure backed by cutting edge encryption technologies that assure solid protection of client data.

CryptoHawk AG is presently in its ICO stage and the crowdsale will last up to the final quarter of this month. Investors will receive 2000 Hawks (CryptoHawk’s token) for 1 Ethereum.  

HAWK token is an ERC20 token and runs on Ethereum platform. Hawks are almost equal to all other cryptocurrencies. And what separates this new cryptocurrency from regular digital currencies is that Hawk owners receive a share of its profit. Hawks can be exchanged for other currencies easily once the official launch is complete. 

“We bring to you an exclusive opportunity to invest in innovation. CryptoHawk AG is aimed to revolutionize trade in between various cryptocurrencies. Investors will be able to make profits from every upswing and always earn a part of the profits. 25% of CryptoHawk’s total trading fees will be paid to each Hawk owner every month. We are committed to make sure our investors are able to earn a handy income from our success”, stated Lennart Küster, the CEO from CryptoHawk. 

“Additionally, CryptoHawk will enable shop owners to attain a decisive edge in the market through cryptocurrency payment facilities for their customers. Cryptocurrency payments are not only fast but also highly secured and are not bound by regional limitations.” 

CryptoHawk assures a number of advantages both for the traders and shop owners. 

Traders will benefit from –

  • Easy load, withdrawal and trading of money & cryptocurrencies. CryptoHawk extends immediate verification and lower fees for trades with sizeable amount of money.
  • Payment with cryptocurrencies.
  • Mobile app for trading and paying with CryptoHawk on the go.
  • Financial overview in the dashboard that will offer a quick glimpse of the transactions, gains and losses over time. 

“We assure our traders a simple and friendly exchange platform backed by excellent security.”

Shop owners will benefit from –

  • Ability to accept cryptocurrency payment without specialist knowledge.
  • Free download of cryptocurrency payment plugin for ready-made online stores.

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Moreover, after purchase, a CryptoHawk trader will be able to exchange the sum in USD or Euros immediately. To compensate for price fluctuations, CryptoHawk offers the service for just 1% of original purchase price. On the other hand, shop owners have the liberty to decide which cryptocurrency can be used by their customers for payment. The withdrawals will be made either in cryptocurrency or via bank transfer to trader’s bank account. 

Speaking further, Lennart Küster mentioned about their credit cards which will enable the CryptoHawk members to make payments with cryptocurrencies at all credit card compatible points. All the cards are available at low cost for easy affordability. CryptoHawk is also looking forward to setup its own cryptocurrency ATMs in near future.

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