German Liectroux B6009 Intelligent Robot Hoover Newly Released by Liectroux Robotics GmbH Opens A New Era Of Intelligent Cleaning With Three Main Technology

With the rapid development and hot sales of intelligent home appliances in recent years, more and more people begin to enter the intelligent home life era. Intelligent rice cooker, intelligent laundry and intelligent window cleaning robot etc. Among them, a smart home appliance – intelligent robot hoover which rised a few years ago is becoming more and more popular. As its increasingly intelligent design and powerful functions, more and more intelligent robot hoovers are used in millions of homes. Nowadays there are many brands of intelligent robot hoovers on the market. Which brand of intelligent robot hoover is better?

Among a large number of intelligent robot hoover brands, German Liectroux has ranked in the forefront for decades with its very powerful scientific and technological strength. It is an international intelligent home cleaning brand with more than 60 years of success in the field of intelligent cleaning. The design of German Liectroux Aerial Robot won the International Design Prize on 1940. (You can view the website: or to get more detailed information). With its strong brand name, German Liectroux B6009 is the pioneer and navigator of successful intelligent home cleaning. Its new product – German Liectroux B6009 is a wonderful example of today’s brilliant intelligent home appliances.

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1. Super-performance chip  World’s leading strength

German Liectroux B6009 is equipped with Liectroux self-developed chip. The chip is designed with the world’s leading scientific and technological strength and its built-in wireless indoor positioning system is also the most advanced positioning system in today’s market. Unlike other robot hoovers that can only achieve partial positioning , B6009 with wireless indoor positioning system can break the range limit and directly accomplish the whole house positioning. Not only that, the HSIR + multi-point matrix intelligent composition system built-in the chip allows

B6009 to build a house map while operating in real time. The bionic algorithm not only enables the machine to achieve intelligent partition according to its own positioning and composition but also forms the best cleaning program to fulfill super effective cleaning.

German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

2: Multiple cleaning modes  High-quality cleaning

German Liectroux B6009 possesses edge cleaning mode, fixed-point cleaning mode, scheduled cleaning mode, automatic cleaning mode and other cleaning modes, which allow it to effectively deal with a variety of complex cleaning environments. With the edge cleaning mode, the machine can effectively clean the rubbish in blind spaces like the edge of the building wall and other spaces. When the machine detects a “disaster” zone with lots of garbage, it will start the fixed-point cleaning mode to focus on cleaning this zone and make it clean and tidy. The scheduled cleaning mode allows the user to easily control the machine to clean the house even if he/she is not at home. In addition, the breakpoint mode enables the machine to automatically find the charging base to recharge and continue cleaning if the machine has no power left.

German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

3: World’s leading safety device  Super performance

At the bottom of German Liectroux B6009, there are intelligent  anti-drop infrared sensor electron eyes. This device can identify  complex environments, control the machine to return while sensing the fall above 5cm to avoid safety issues like falling from the stairs. An infrared detector placed in the front part of the machine enables it to intelligently detect the environment and automatically activate the anti-collision / slow collision mode when sensing obstacles such as furniture in order to protect the machine and also protect the home. B6009’s powerful safety performance has brought us into a new era of intelligent cleaning.

German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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