This start-up’s unique technology offerings are altering the status quo of the crypto currency market, promising unprecedented levels of security, transparency, and liquidity to its users.

Loopring is a decentralized open source protocol that uses innovative technology to solve the biggest problems of modern centralized exchanges. Created with the most foundational aspects of well known crypto-currency platforms, Loopring takes this emerging technology a step further through an automated order ring-mining system that shields users from counterparty risks and increases the security, liquidity, and transparency of all transactions. What’s more, Loopring also serves as a decentralized exchange protocol across crypto tokens, creating an unparalleled level of convenience in a rising crypto currency market.

While blockchain technology was originally created to support and facilitate crypto currencies like Bitcoin, its uses can span much more than just tracking the value of digital currencies between users. As the cyber economy continues to grow and mature, blockchain technology will be used to enforce a range of agreements, from stock trading, to buying and selling real estate, to paying for our healthcare bills. The crypto currency market is currently valued at roughly 113 billion USD, 32 billion USD of which has been generated on Ethereum. Loopring has deployed their protocol on Ethereum, the world’s fastest growing blockchain-based platform, to utilize smart-contracts in the execution of trades that are publicly accessible, free to use, and compatible with all dApps.

The application of Ethereum’s smart-contracts coupled with Loopring’s innovative technology offers an unprecedented level of security for all users. All user’s tokens stay in their wallets throughout the entire trading life cycle, always remaining under user control. This is unlike competing services that store tokens in a centralized exchange wallet, putting both parties at risk of any changing circumstances during transactions. This unique feature offers protection from common centralized exchange risks such as frozen accounts, hacking, exchange bankruptcies, and DDOS.

Loopring’s technology provides a level of transparency that is also missing from the majority of modern centralized exchange platforms. All orders created on the Loopring platform are broadcasted off-chain in their consortium blockchain system, with ring-miners determining the most efficient method to fulfill received orders through ring-matching. Settlements, however, are performed on-chain through the use of smart-contracts, removing all risk of insider trading and keeping trade histories up to date. Best of all, these services are offered with the assurance of complete anonymity for all Loopring wallet users, allowing for secure, transparent transactions while maintaining the highest level of privacy. 

Loopring’s unique design has also eliminated the issue of liquidity for all crypto currency holders. While the platform will initially support Ethereum’s ERC20 Tokens, it will gradually expand to support other blockchains with smart-contract capability such as NEO, Qtum, and EOS. This will create a high-potential blockchain agnostic protocol on one single platform, eliminating the need to list tokens on multiple exchanges and eliminating high listing fees. Additionally, assets are never locked by open orders, as is the case in all centralized digital exchanges. In fact, Loopring members can even transfer their tokens after orders have been submitted, as the protocol will automatically adjust the trading amount at the initial price based on user’s token balances. This type of flexibility further mitigates any liquidity issues and keeps users in control of their digital assets at all times. What’s more, Loopring also supports liquidity sharing by default. This unique technology can dramatically impact the liquidity of the entire cryptocurrency trading market.


As the cyber economy continues to expand, its participants will not just include humans, but also programs driven by Artificial Intelligence. When this market becomes mature enough, the very way in which we value modern day money will not be determined through banking institutions, but through blockchain technology. This emerging technology will become the main platform on which both individuals and institutions trade, deposit and deliver the value of money and assets between parties. Loopring’s unique components make it the most powerful trading protocol on the digital market, offering the security that all investors desire in a promising cyber economy. The safety of its decentralized system matched with its multi-token exchange network will bring a new level of quality in the crypto currency market as we know it. 

For in-depth coverage on the variety of technologies Loopring offers, check out the company’s published white papers, available in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

About the Team 

Loopring’s members and community contributors are comprised of more than a dozen specialized experts in the field of blockchain technology, finance, and digital platforms. 

Daniel Wang is the creator of Loopring Protocol and the founder and chairman of the Loopring Foundation. He has worked as Senior Software Engineer and Tech-Lead at Google and served as Senior Director of Engineering at JD.com and Senior Director & Blockchain Researcher of Zhongan Technology. He is a cofounding member of both Hygene Inc. and Yunrang (Beijing) Information Technology Limited, and founded cryptocurrency exchange Coinport in 2014. 

The company’s COO, Johnston Chen, is Chief Information Officer at 3NOD and a product expert in finance industry. Loopring’s CMO, Jay Zhou, is the founder of SJ Consultants and worked for Ernst & Young and PayPlay Risk Associates before joining Loopring.


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